Sincerity is ranked first as the nature of the most liked by everyone. Sincerity makes others feel safe and appreciated for sure not be fooled or deceived. People who are sincere are always telling the truth, do not like making it up, pretend, make excuses or distort facts. The principle is “Yes on Yes and No on No”. It would be more ideal if the sincerity is as soft as dove was offset by the ingenuity of a serpent. That way, the sincerity of innocence that can not be self-defeating.


In contrast to the low self-esteem which is a weakness, it expressed concern kerendah strength. Only the strong soul who can be humble. He was like growing rice contains more down. People who are humble can recognize and appreciate the excellence of others. He can make people feel okay on it and make people underneath do not feel inferior.


Loyalty is a rare commodity and very high price. People who are loyal always to be trusted and relied upon. He always keep their promises, has a strong commitment, self-sacrificing and not like treason.

Positive Thinking

People with positive attitude (positive thinking) always try to see things from a positive lens, even in a bad situation though. He prefers to talk about goodness than badness of other people, prefer to talk about hope rather than despair, preferring to look for solutions rather than frustrated, rather praise than criticize, and so forth.


Because not everyone is blessed with cheerful temperament, so the fun does not have to mean facial expressions and body but the heart attitude. People who cheer are people who can enjoy life, do not like to complain and are always trying to achieve happiness. He can laugh at the situation, others, also himself. He has the potential to entertain and encourage others.


The responsible person shall implement their obligations seriously. If you make a mistake, he dared to admit. When a failure, he will not seek scapegoats to blame. Even if he felt disappointed and hurt, he would not blame anyone. He realizes that he alone is responsible for any experienced and felt.


Self-esteem enables one to receive him as such, appreciate him and appreciate others. People who believe themselves easily adapt to new environments and situations. He knows what to do and do it well.

Greatness of the Soul

Greatness of soul can be seen from a person’s ability to forgive others.
People with big hearts do not let themselves dominated by hatred and hostility. When facing difficult times he remained strong, not letting himself get lost in grief and despair.

Easy Going

People who think life is easy going light. He does not like to exaggerate minor problems. Even tried to play down big problems. He does not like to bring up the past and did not want to worry about the future. He does not want a headache and stress with the problems that are beyond its control.


Empathy is a trait that is admirable. People who empathize not only a good listener but also can put yourself in someone else’s. When there is conflict he is always looking for the best solution for both parties, do not like to impose an opinion and his own. He always tried to comprehend and understand other people.

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