Paradox of Life

Morning in the streets,
afternoon on the streets,
night on the streets,
I never met my father and mother,
all, because of poverty,
and I need a mouthful of rice,
to live …

Above is the phrase sebait singers of street children. With a dim eye. Without expression. Her body was emaciated and filthy. Unkempt. Black. The feet and hands small, thin, just bones wrapped in skin. Her hair was dull and red. Because exposure to the sun, and pollution of Jakarta. Every day. His clothes were shabby. His teeth were yellowed and full of coral.

Young children had continued to explore every inch of Jakarta. Like no tired. Keep walking and running. Pursuing every city transport pass. No matter. Sometimes there is merciful. Not a few are indifferent. Letting children have passed away. Just like that. Maybe humming. Let the poor children. Do they pitied. They have no right to be pitied.

Entered the eleventh day of Ramadan. There is a phenomenon that very paradox. Bitter and slicing. Each of the heart. Anyone who still has a heart. These days the Jakarta began to fill with the so-called ‘flat’ (homeless people and beggars). I do not know where they are. Every corner of the street in Jakarta. It must find beggars, street singers, and scavengers. The amount is not small. They pushed. In the midst of Jakarta. Life is selfish.
On the streets, in transport, in a porch-patio store, on the train, in the markets, and under-under the bridge, and place of hustle, they look for life. Everywhere see the sights of the scavengers who brought his family, children and wife, pushing a cart. Children and their wives face pale and tired, wading through the streets, in the middle of dense Jakarta. They sometimes slept on the streets. On the porch, patio stores. At the train station. And, in the under-under the bridge. They catch up hope. They pursue mercy. They pursue generosity and hospitality. They go after people who still have hearts. Maybe it was just an illusion. The illusion of people who are marginalized in life.
Entered the eleventh day of Ramadan. Jakarta remains dense and busy. Like the invisible Ramadan. Nightlife. No change. The hotels, entertainment venues, cafes, and crowded places, kept flooded with visitors. Plaza. The more full of visitors. People crowded shop. They carry groceries. Not approx. Miscellaneous groceries. The people with money do not care. They pile up the food. As if tomorrow happens tempest. They’ve been preparing for days Lebaran (Idul Fitri). Clothing and clothing. They prepare and vote. Anything they want. They have chosen places on holiday with family. Some families left the country. This is the paradox of life.
The hotels and cafes crowded. By the maghrib. The people with money in a group and arrive. They enjoy a variety of dishes. Every hotel and café hosts a fast-breaking. Among the executive, politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, and a number of artists, held a breaking fast, in places of luxury. Excess food. All delicious and tasty food. In family houses held Iftar. They gather. Enjoy the atmosphere of Ramadan. Sometimes the excess food thrown in the trash. The remains of the food, which wasted disampah, enjoyed the scavengers, and vagabonds.
Entered the eleventh day of Ramadan. The rhythm of worship increasingly recede. Mosques began to be abandoned congregation. Part of the mosque congregation has lived half. Bertadarus inaudible voice. Reading the Koran. Silence. Young people just sit around. Chat. At night they wander more tandem bike or drive a car, aimlessly. Men and women. They are not strange. This marks the lives of Muslims began whole. Mosque congregation remaining, living elderly people. Young children are no longer interested. Youth, play, run while sounding firecrackers. Kekusyukkan worship invisible.
Not much more to pay attention to teenage life. Parents also do not. Parents are only sufficient for their daily. Children are not taught religion strictly. The children left to find their way of life on their own. They lose their identity and symbols of Islam. Gradually they just stay status as an adherent of Islam. Lifestyle and their habits have changed. Never having received a touch of Islam. They drank in modern life in their own way.
More irony again. Those who once were very busy taking care of young children, and provide direction, develop, and educate, they now no longer visible. They have gone. Go to undergo a new role. They become politicians. They are busy with the affairs poliltik. They are busy with the affairs power. They are busy with calculations of numbers. They’re busy. Very busy. They drink and enjoy the fruits of power. They enjoy a new life. They are enjoying the new role. They are not interested in the role of the old. Directing, nurture and educate young children, which will determine the future. They chose a quick and concrete results, and immediately enjoyable. They no longer need the role of the past. This is the way to Indonesia’s future disasters.
More and more people poor. The more people who are marginalized in life. The more people who do not know the religion (Islam). More and more people are ‘riddah’ (apostate). Because of changes in life orientation. Essentially changed. They do not understand and know about the essence of life. They do not understand the values of life. They do not comprehend and understand the essence of Islam. They do not get the alternative, which can answer their future.
From year to year, Ramadan does not have any meaning. Do not change the quality of life of people. They actually make Ramadan as a tradition. Not a means of renewing life. Towards a new life. For the people who Muttaqien. People who love each other. People who are mutually reinforcing faith brother. Fellow Muslims. Ramadan will end. And, people are getting busy pursuing worldly life.
Mu’adh bin Jabal when breathe pick her up at dawn. He prayed. “Ya Allah. Surely you know that I love life. But, not because I’m planting trees, rivers flowing, the house that I woke up, and the palace which I founded. But, by God, I love this life, because of three things: first fasting on a hot day, the two do qiyamul Lail, and third enliven Halaqah dhikr together scholars, “said Muadz.
Ramadan is not the tradition. Ramadan is not routine. Islam’s first victory at Badr, in the month of Ramadan. Because the Apostles with them the Companions is that the people love the afterlife. Ramadan is not wasilah indulgence in lust stomach, which would harm manusia.Semoga life. Allaah ‘nature.

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