Six Favourite Sex Position Women

Favourite Sex Position – There are at least six positions of lovemaking that women preferred because it is more convenient and a great opportunity to deliver an orgasm.

Favourite Sex Position
Six Favourite Sex Position Women

  1. First is the position above. If women ask for their turn to drive, do not be prejudiced superior and the like. Usually, because she was in top condition and full of energy. In this position the woman can decide to reach orgasm clitoris or G-spot roaming. Favourite Sex Position.
  2. Second is the sitting position. Style of sex is mostly done during a romantic dinner that was overly excited. The woman sitting in a chair a little higher so it is parallel to the man standing position during penetration. Sex positions such as this accelerates the G spot stimulation, but also a chance of premature ejaculation. Because the position like this do not make love in bed, the sensation of spontaneity is more pronounced. Especially if done in public. Favourite Sex Position.
  3. Classic missionary position, under the alias of women. This position is classified as legendary and created a very, very close to the couple.
    This position absolutely requires the support bed comfortable. This is a position that allows all physical activity, kissing, touching, squeezing, flirting and massage up and down can be done in the desired rhythm. Favourite Sex Position.
  4. The fourth position is the CAT, or coital alignment technique, quite simple. In principle such as the missionary position, but the man leaned forward a few inches, so that Mr. Dick was first to touch the clitoris. The man straightened his legs and lower pelvis of women raising.
  5.  The fifth position is doggy style. This style is generally one of the favorite men. Since it is easier to find women’s G spot. And with a little effort, the woman can orgasm repeatedly. Favourite Sex Position.
    Penetration from this side can touch the G spot women from various angles. Anyway, doggy style naturally can make you and your spouse is more wildly in love. Favourite Sex Position.
  6. Sixth position which became a favorite with women is facing sideways. Because the body only ditumpukan on the one hand, the penetration process can take longer and slowly. Favourite Sex Position. This position is recommended for an easy man to ejaculate. For this style of movement is needed more female pelvis. The point, that the sensation of making love to stay awake and keep an erection hard man and the old. Favourite Sex Position.

Favourite Sex Position Women

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