Sex and Love-how about you

Sex and Love – Discussion about sex and love is indeed very interesting. Both can be seen from different viewpoints. Many consider sex and love are two different things. Sex and Love.

Sex and Love, how about you…

Sex and LoveSex and Love, In some people, love is often seen as the heart needs, while sex was limited to mere lust needs. Others have tried to make love as a bridge to get sex. However, rarely do people use sex as a way to get love..

Sex and Love

In fact, as revealed in the book Guide to Sex, almost every couple who missed a remarkable sexual relations is also believed that it grew out of friendships forged good relations.

Sex and Love

So, if you feel hungry and crave sexual partner and experience remarkable, Befriend, then fell in love. This is a good start of it all. So, do not be surprised if a pair of male and female friends and nurture old friendships pretty good relationship suddenly fell in love with each other. Sex and Love.

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